ExploitedCollegeGirls – Jordan 23 Years Old (27.12.2018)

When you first see Jordan, you’d probably think she was the All-American, sweet girl next door type, and in a way you’d be right. She’s blonde and chill, but this 23 year old also has another side, the side that dumps her boyfriend so she can shoot some porn! Unlike a lot of our girls, she likes to be more dominant sexually. She’s not the type to get picked up at a bar because she’ll be the one on the hunt. If you please her, she’ll take you home for a good fucking! With a great ass and gorgeous blue eyes, this blonde sexbomb likes a hard cock deep in her tight pussy or even better, in her sultry mouth. In fact, taking a cock deep down her throat was something she wanted to do, but never quite got it right. At least that was the case before our man Cam got a hold of her and showed her what’s up, or more exactly, what’s down!

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